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In a previous blog article, we read about the principles of marketing. In this blog, we shall see where to approach your audience to market your product or service in this modern era. Already many businesses have stepped into digital marketing.

Because today, the internet is more easily accessible from anywhere in the world with any device. As a result, the number of people who go online is vast and still increasing.

When people go digital, it is possibly the wise and easy way to approach them via digital mediums rather than reaching them through traditional marketing.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a way of reaching out to your target customers through the internet or any means of digital communication like website, email, social media and even texts and multimedia messages.

All your marketing campaigns that involve any form of communication through a digital medium like phone, computer, etc., are called digital marketing. It is also known as online marketing.

Why Switch To Digital Marketing From Traditional Marketing?

With the use of digital marketing, you can reach a larger audience than traditional marketing with more cost-effectiveness.

It also allows you to analyse campaigns regularly with ease which helps to improve your marketing strategy as it gives precise data about your marketing campaign.

traditional vs digital marketing

Digital Marketing Generates Quality Leads

Digital marketing allows you to target your audience based on data such as age, demographics, interest, etc., which helps you in giving personalised ads and messages to the audience who, actually buys.

Whereas in traditional marketing, you will display a generic ad to everyone without knowing anything about them.

If you put out an ad on TV, in a magazine, on a billboard or issue pamphlets, you don’t have control over who sees your ad.

You don’t know if it reaches a potential audience who might convert into your customer. There is no way of measuring the effectiveness or getting personalised information from your audience.

In the case of a digital campaign, you can take advantage of search engines & social media, targeting a specific set of audience and pulling their interest to you by sending personalised messages or emails.

With digital marketing, it will be easy to run experiments on your business growth, as it gives access to research tools.

It helps you with data on your buyer persona, competitor’s campaigns and all your previous campaign results.

With these features, digital marketing is a much more efficient way of marketing in generating quality leads for your product or services.

Cost-Effective Marketing Method

Digital marketing allows you to track campaigns daily and because of that, you can make decisions on whether to spend money on a campaign or not based on its ROI. You can spend less or stop the campaigns that perform poorly.

As for traditional marketing, it is a guessing game. You cannot find out how effective a billboard or a tv ad is and the cost of the ad is still the same whether it is doing good or poor.

Let us say you have placed an ad with ten billboards, but only four billboards are producing results. It is difficult to say that only four billboards are working as you have no data for that, and you will still spend on all ten billboards.

In digital marketing, the ad cost is calculated with the number of impressions and clicks of the ad. So, you won’t be spending a lot if you target the right audience.`

You will also have data on all the campaigns you ran. So, you can decide whether to stop the ad campaign or increase the budget depending on the conversion rate.

Digital Marketing Makes The Playing Field Even

If you run a small business, how much will you be able to spend on ads?

Certainly, you will not be able to spend lakhs on tv ads or nationwide campaigns like big brands in your niche.

Fortunately, digital marketing levels the playing field and gives you opportunities to outrank big brands with a strategic marketing approach.

You can research long-tail keywords that fit your product or service and create high-quality content which helps you to rank high on search engines.

Audience engagement Throughout The Lead Funnel

Communication is a vital part of marketing. And with digital marketing, it is possible to engage with your audience in the early stages before the sales happen.

It is best to engage with your audience as early as possible and help them throughout the customer funnel.

lead funnel

Digital platforms allow you to follow and keep records of the entire journey of your customer from when they were just an audience.

This makes you understand and analyse your audience. With that data, you can create a buyer persona that works most for your product or service.

Use the buyer persona to generate a personalised message or send emails to your target audience.

Can Your Business Go Digital?

Digital marketing works for any, and all businesses regardless of the niche. Whether you sell a product or service, marketing still involves reaching out to your customers.

Until people stop going digital and return to the stone or iron age, digital marketing will not let you down.

Although digital marketing works for all businesses, it doesn’t mean the same strategy works for all businesses.

Your digital marketing strategy should vary with whom your target audience is, whether they are another business or an end customer.

b2b vs b2c

B2B Digital Marketing

If your company is serving another business, your campaigns are to be focused on generating leads having the end goal being to meet the person representing the business to make your sales pitch.

Beyond your website, spend time on social media platforms that are focussing on professionals. LinkedIn is an example of a social media where your target audience may spend more time.

B2C Digital Marketing

If your company is serving consumers, the goal of your campaign is to attract people to your website and make them your customers.

Also, here the strategy varies with the price of the product or service. In some cases, you have to have a sales pitch.

For B2C companies, other than websites, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest work better to generate leads than business focussed platforms like LinkedIn.

If you haven’t entered into digital marketing yet, start today. There is more space to grow your business online.

It creates many opportunities to reach out and connect with your audience. Use them wisely.

Whether it is a social platform, website, email, or text message, strategise the campaign to integrate them and grow your business into a brand.

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