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The Super Growth Summit 2022 brought by Success Gyan conducted on 7th May 2022 was not an everyday workshop you would have attended.

Have you attended webinars or workshops conducted by international coaches?

If you had attended, do you remember the atmosphere and vibe in that room?

The atmosphere would have been filled with positive energy, and every participant will have been filled with motivation and a great mindset. Right?

Now picture the identical atmosphere of the room when we have 12 inspirational and leading coaches in the same room.

And I was fortunate enough to be a participant in that room. So, I thought to make others lucky too, by sharing my experience and their teachings with you through my writing.

But before talking about their teachings, let me introduce them and what their expertise is.

Info-Marketing Expert – Siddharth Rajasekar

Siddharth Rajasekar is a marketing expert who is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of Freedom.

siddharth rajasekar

People are making over $5000 per month using his methodologies to create multiple streams of income using the Internet.

He not only played a trainer role in this summit, but he was a wonderful MC from the start till the end of the event, not only maintaining his energy but also spreading the energy to every participant.

Life Coach – Puja Puneet

Puja Puneet is a leading life designer who helps people achieve their life’s goals despite all the odds, maybe I should say beating all the odds. She is on a mission to transform women into living their life to the fullest potential.

puja puneet

You can find how committed she is to her life’s goal i.e., leading us to our life’s goal. She decided to be on a live session teaching people her methodologies on this day, rather than partying or taking a rest on her birthday.

Transformation Coach – Prachi Mayekar

Prachi Mayekar with extensive education in NLP, Kundalini Samadhi, Hypnotherapy, Music and Sound therapy, and Vedas on Wealth and Success, has been transforming the lives of many people in all the major cities across India. She is powered by a mission to help 1 million people power up their lives, and achieve the success they desire. She just radiates with so much energy that sometimes, Zoom has trouble keeping up with her and goes crashing.

prachi mayekar

She just radiates with so much energy that sometimes, Zoom has trouble keeping up with her and goes crashing.

Jokes apart, I have never seen someone with so much energy, and know that she helps others to find that energy in their life.

The Man Who Made This Summit Possible – Surendran J


Surendran – CEO and Founder of Success Gyan is on a Mission to bring life-transforming world-class education to every household in India and make 8 pm the learning hour.

Brain Performance Coach – Dr Meghana Dikshit

Dr Meghana Dikshit is a world-renowned therapist and success coach and the founder of De Mantraa.

dr meghana dikshit

Dr Meghana empowers others to achieve fast effective results in their lives through her Ultimate Success Programs which help in clearing the success blocks of the people with her specialised modules. She has trained over 50000 people in the last 23 years of her career.

International Speaker and Success Coach – Thaddeus Lawrence

Thaddeus Lawrence is a speaker, trainer, author and founder of Runaway Success Learning Practice. He is well known for completing a total of 1,000 kilometres in a footrace through the hottest, coldest, windiest and driest deserts of Sahara, Gobi, Atacama and Antarctica.

thaddeues lawrence

Thaddeus moves the audience with his captivating storytelling and embodies the ordinary people into extraordinary lives and has made it his mission. He believes that by being our best selves, no dream is too small or too big to pursue in our life.

Career Coach – Sawan Kapoor

Sawan Kapoor is the CEO of India’s largest decorative lighting firm, Kapoor Lamp Shade Company. He also runs a career management firm, TruNorth Solutions which works with clients across the globe and helps them secure extraordinary opportunities by accelerating their professional success.

sawan kapoor

He is more popularly known as The Career Guy and his mission is to help more than 1 million professionals find their dream jobs.

A Surprise Session from Dr Velumani

dr velumani

Dr Velumani is the founder of Thyrocare Technologies Ltd. (a chain of diagnostic and preventive care laboratories) and Nuclear Healthcare Limited (a radiology diagnostics company affiliated with Thyrocare).

Business Coach – Rajiv Talreja

Rajiv Talreja has been a serial entrepreneur and a business coach for the last 9 years. He is currently running two successful businesses, Quantum leap learning solutions and Dream craft events.

rajiv talreja

Over the last decade, he has impacted over 1 lakh people through his coaching of over 150+ corporates and over 10000 business owners who had exponential business growth.

Abundance and Wellness Coach – Dr M.V. Priyank

Dr M.V. Priyank specialises in utilizing modern technology integrating them with energy science and using them for exploration which makes people understand as well as explore the knowledge with a logical explanation.


After Transitioning from being an IT entrepreneur to a wellness entrepreneur, Priyank has trained more than 35000 people across the globe. His mission is to educate and empower people leading them into healthy, wealthy and prosperous lives.

Personal Impact Coach – Chinha Raheja

chinha raheja

Chinha Raheja is the founder of The Image Manager (a comprehensive image management service company for personal as well as for organisations). She helps people to sculpt their desirable image that enables their future success both personally and professionally.

Leadership & Personal Mastery Expert And Best Selling Author – Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma is a globally respected humanitarian and philanthropist who has devoted himself to helping people realise their native gifts.

robin sharma

Being a best-selling author and a renowned speaker, he is also considered one of the top leadership and personal mastery experts. He electrifies the audience with his uncommonly original and tactical insights that lead individuals to do their best work, teams to provide super results and organizations to become unbeatable brands.

His books “The Everyday Hero Manifesto”, “The 5 AM Club”, “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” and “Who Will Cry When You Die?” are #1 international bestsellers. They have sold millions of copies in over ninety-two languages and dialects; making him one of the most widely read authors in the world.

Done with the introduction of everyone, now we can see what we can learn from these leading industry experts.

Be Responsible For Your Life

The birthday girl, Puja Puneet started the summit with a great session which taught everyone to be responsible for their own life and how to beat the resistance and take action immediately.

When you try to take ownership of your life into your hands, there will be an enemy you will face, he is “RESISTANCE”.

So, to be able to defeat him, you first need to understand him.

Who is he? Yes, I’m referring to the resistance as “He” or “Him” here because it will be easier to break a persona than to do anything with something just imaginary.

Give a name to your resistance like demon, devil, ratchasa or venom and try to understand and defeat him.

Resistance is invisible and lies in your internal self. So first, separate resistance from “who you are?”.

Resistance is proportionately negative. The bigger your dream becomes, the harder your resistance tries to pull you back.

Resistance is extremely intelligent and unreasonable and it never sleeps, it even gives you silly and illogical reasons to make you afraid or lazy.

Resistance moves only in one direction, from low to high and it becomes more and more powerful when you get near the finishing point of your goal.

How Resistance Communicates With You?

After you understand what resistance is? Learn how resistance speaks with you. If you know the language of resistance, you will be truly ready to break the resistance.


Doubt And Fear

It creates doubt and fear within you about your goals. It raises questions inside you like, whether you are capable of doing that?, or What happens if you fail?

The more you can reduce their influence and power over you, the more you’ll be able to overcome the fear and doubts.


It tries to overwhelm your mind with ideas and work in the process of slowing your progress down.

In that case, make a list of everything you need to do on paper or a notebook and in front of everything write “Easy, Medium, Hard” based on their priority and difficulty level. Do the easy ones first and that’ll boost your confidence into doing the medium ones then go for the hard ones.


Delaying to take action is the biggest disease for everyone.

Stop delaying and start acting. Use the “Rule Of Five” to beat the resistance.

What is the rule of five? When you are hesitant to take an action, count 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and take that action immediately.


Putting high standards for you and delaying the work to meet those standards.

The thing is, you will never be able to meet those standards. Because those were kept by your resistance, not you. So, just do the work and perfect it on the go.


We give off the power of our life to other people when we are feeling guilty.

Make future compensations to the person to handle the guilt and keep that promise, but don’t give in to the guilt.

Dream Stealers

The dream stealers are Disguised angels, who come into your life to check your progress. Use them to motivate yourself to achieve your dream, but not to lose them.

Balance vs Harmony

Start to look for the melody in your life rather than balance.

In an orchestra, if everyone plays an equal note in a balance. It will not be music. right? It will just be noise. The same goes for your life.

Instead of balancing your life, go with the harmony of life.

Evolve Into Your Best Version

The next session was taken by the avatar of energy, Prachi Mayekar. Initially, she was the one who was going to be the opening batswoman of the summit.

But because Zoom was not able to handle her all-out energy, she had to take some time to slow down the tap of that overflowing energy.

Challenges were put into life for a reason and she taught us how to evolve through those challenges and bring out the best version of us.

One single decision can change your entire life, so align with your gifts and make success yours.

Be prepared to face troubles, don’t wait until trouble comes knocking on your doors and don’t limit your growth to some extent, because your success grows to the extent that you allow yourself to grow.

If you want your future to be different from the past, stop living in the past and look forward to your desired future.

Your eyes see everything in their sight of vision. But do you see everything? No, because your eyes will see something but your mind will not see it.

This is why we lose more opportunities, not that we don’t get any opportunities.

The moment you train your mind to wake up and see everything your eye sees, that is when you reach the “ACE Mindset”.

What Is ACE Mindset? To put it clearly, it is the mindset where you are aware of yourself and your surroundings and that Awareness Changes Everything.


Find out who you are and show up with that energy as your highest self. Always think and act representing that highest self.

Become the one you were born to be. Let go of the mould the world has put you in.

Change your vocabulary and always be Phenomenal to change your life.

Success Gyan’s Mission

Surendran explained Success Gyan’s mission of making 8 pm in India the learning hour.

To make that mission possible, Success Gyan has launched podcasts on different platforms. Podcasts are a very powerful tool for learning. So start listening to the podcasts from today if you haven’t listened to any and start your learning journey. Listen, Learn and Share.

Also, watch Success Gyan’s music “I See the Light” on YouTube which will inspire you.

Share to inspire. Always share your transformational journey to inspire other people to get started in the learning journey.

Transformation happens when the environment is powerful and when the subject and the object meet at great intensity.

The mission of Success Gyan is to make India the training capital of the world by creating more trainers and coaches in India.

Massive Success Formula

The formula to achieve massive success is to first be a Life Long Learner. Learn from teachers and trainers that you are aligned.

Be watchful of your environment. Your environment and community is the key to success.


Take action, and don’t be afraid to fail.

Fail fast and fail forward, Double your failure rate to be massively successful.

Follow the 4H formula. i.e., Happy, Hungry, Humble and Help. Always be happy no matter what, be hungry for growth, be humble and help others as you grow.

The Sun Of Your Solar System

Then it was Dr Meghana Dikshit who shared her knowledge on how to hack your mind’s automation and avoid procrastination and take action today itself.

Your life is like a solar system, where you are the sun and the eight planets that surround you are health, relationship, career, happiness, money, time, personal growth and contribution.

solar system

If any of the planets in your life is weak, your mind focuses all your energy making you not focus on your goals.

Procrastination is not a problem, it is a symptom. The root cause behind procrastination is an actual problem. If you have to stop procrastinating, find and correct the actual problem you are facing now.

If you do not know the direction to solving your problem, find someone to guide you to do that. Unless you do that, you’ll not be able to reach your goals.

Many times, You will reach up to 99% and then struggle to go forward, you know why? It is because you don’t know the root cause of the third reason. It’s the speed limiter on your brain which stops you every time you try to speed up. It’s the automatic subconscious set point that is stopping you from reaching your goal.

Your brain runs in automation and has two parts i.e., the conscious brain which sets the goal and the unconscious brain where 95% of the brain’s work is focused on survival (keeping you safe and comfortable), while only 5% is focused on achieving that goal.

Achieving a goal is an unconscious process. You will take action based on your habits, you will develop habits based on your emotions.

To take immediate action, have positive thoughts and whenever you face procrastination ask yourself “Am I interested?” or “Am I committed?”. If you’re committed you’ll take action, if you’re only interested you’ll procrastinate and go into your comfort zone.

Will You Win The Life’s Marathon?

Thaddeus Lawrence says that life is like a marathon, it is very complicated and complex. Every day we have to act, gain and keep up the moment to reach the finish point.


For you to fix any problem, you have to first identify its source and work from there.

Habits of success create successful people, and the habits for success are consistency, capability, authority and crisis identity.

In the hard times, ask for help from others and be ready to receive the help that you get.

If you don’t know something, accept that as you don’t know and seek a mentor in that area. Many things your mentors ask you to do, don’t make sense at the beginning because of the fact, that you don’t know many things about them.

You fail to achieve your goal when your concept of self doesn’t match the goals or dreams you set for yourself. What comes out of your mouth is your inner reality and it is unconscious. So, roll up your sleeves and focus on working big to change your inside and raise the champion in you.

3X Your Salary In 90 Days!

The Career Guy Sawan Kapoor says, “It’s your STEEKQ that defines your salary”. STEEKQ means Skills, Talents, Education, Experience, Knowledge and Qualities.

Mastering the job search skill is not an optional skill, it has become a necessity now.

Everyone wishes to be in their dream job but what is the definition of a dream? It is where your new emergencies and existing difficulties are solved.

Dream jobs are rare to get, not because they don’t exist but because you don’t know where to look and what tools to use to get that job.

dream job

When your DREAM and STEEKQ overlap you excel in that and If you need to achieve your dream job, make your STEEKQ, DREAM and WANTS meet. WANTS is What Aspects are Needed to be Successful.

It starts with you first. You have to win in your own eyes before, you can win in the eyes of the world.

Inspired By His Life Story

Next session was with Dr. Velumani who shared his amazing life experience and his secret to success.

His success formula is X2 – X1 = Success, where X2 is where you want to be and X1 is what you have to lose. You will achieve success when you know where you want to be and lose what you have to lose to reach that goal.

In his earlier stages when he struggled, he asked himself “Have you come to live? or Have you come to win?” that made him reach this height.

Frugality, focus, a unique business model, branding and IT, HR & Logistics are the things that made him successful. Business is all about having more people than you need and keeping all of them engaged.

Be ready to work very very hard with complete focus and you can create a billion-dollar industry without borrowing.

The profits should never come from the customer’s pocket, It should come from your floor efficiency. That is the secret to growth.

Do search for investors, and create an opportunity where investors come to you. If you go and pitch, the value is half. But if the investor comes to your door the value is double.

He also stated the success of women as “When men are successful families prosper, When women are successful societies prosper.”

He ended his session with an EEE mantra. i.e., Enter, Enjoy, Exit.

It means you enter a business, enjoy the process and when the right opportunity comes, exit.

How To Scale A Business Beyond Success?

Rajiv Talreja‘s insights over scaling the business from the different stages were so great and very useful information needed for all business owners.

The different stages of business are Struggle, Survival, Stability, Success and Scale.

Do you want to know what stage your business is in and how to grow from there? Let us see what Rajiv Talreja is saying.


The struggle is the first stage of a business. You would have started a business with hope and optimism. But when you face rejections, doubt and fear catch you up. At this stage, you are struggling because your business model is still unclear to you.

To scale your business, from the stage of struggle. You have to design a clear and profitable business model.


This is the stage where you have a clear business model but you do all the work on your own. So you can’t do every action consistently. This affects the business income and they pay themselves last.

The business model here is self-employment without consistent income. The majority of business owners get stuck at this stage of the business.

To achieve the next stage of business from this stage, activate your business functions by hiring or outsourcing the required talents.


In this stage of business, you realise the business should generate consistent income and for this, you have hired people and made sure marketing, sales and operations work consistently. The model here is self-employment with income.

In this model, you become bored and stuck doing the same tasks after a while because the work is still dependent on you and you can’t concentrate on the business growth apart from the daily tasks.

To achieve further growth and move into the stage of success, you need to build a second line of leaders like managers who can handle the marketing, sales and operations teams to perform daily tasks and make the decisions on their departments while you can focus your efforts on further growth and expansion.


In this stage, the managers and team focus on the day-to-day operations of the business. You are focused on the growth and expansion of the business.

This is a pretty good stage to be in. But we never say no to more success. Right?

So, how to scale the business beyond the stage of success. You should build a Professional Management team above the managers like CEO and CFO.


This is the stage beyond success. In this stage, people know you as a brand name and not the owner. This is where you will become a non-existent billionaire by building a True Legacy.

how to scale your business

If you feel your business is in two stages because some departments are not functioning consistently. Analyse and resolve the problem in that department immediately.

It is not money you need, it’s the capability to make the right decisions in business that raises the income.

Perfectionists are parasites of control. They try to control everyone to be like them. Instead, trust your second line of leaders. The managers are good at managing the activities and people of their department.

Tune Your Inner World Into The Right Frequency

Priyank said how to train our inner world and emit the right vibration to get rewarded by the universe.

The universe doesn’t punish you or reward you. it only responds to the vibration you are emitting.


There are 4 realms of your life. They are Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Physical and out of these four, three are internal.

Train yourself to have an abundance mindset by realising that your inner world creates your outer world.

Be a role model and inspire as many people as you can. Be the change you want to see in others. Retune your system for an abundant lifestyle.

Sound is the source of all creation and the scientific equivalent of god.

The logical solution to all your problems is sound energy. Think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration if you want to find the secrets of the universe.

6 Steps To Launch Digital Knowledge Business

Online coaching is one of the industries that boomed after covid-19. With Siddharth Rajsekar‘s coaching, you don’t need to be a tech guy to launch an e-learning platform and become a mentor/coach.


It doesn’t matter where you came from. All that matters is where you want to go. So if you desire to go to the heights, these below steps are for you.

Step 1: Problem And Solution

Select ‘one problem’ you can or want to solve. Eg. Business, Career, Health, Money, Relationship, Creativity

Step 2: Go Deep

Dive deep into the problem you chose to solve. Pick a specific area in that or a specific group of people for whom you want to solve that problem. Micro niching will help you thin out your competition.

Step 3: Method / Tool

Pick one method or a tool to solve that problem in that area or in the community you chose.

Step 4: Niche Validation

Selecting a niche or micro niching in that niche is only a part but your growth and the profit come in validating that niche. Validate your niche using this 5P System.

The 5P System is Passion, Problem, Persona, Potential and Payment.

Check whether you have a passion for it, whether it solves people’s problems, has a micro market and the potential to grow and whether the price you fixed covers your expenses and brings profit.

Step 5. Mission Crafting

For a knowledge business model, don’t treat it like a business. Convert this into your ‘Mission’.

Your mission comes from your back story and your experience. Share your knowledge and start serving people who faced the same problem as you experienced.

But don’t serve for free. People don’t value free products and take action.

Step 6. Launch and Scale

‘Build & Launch’ your knowledge business and start sharing your knowledge, and earn.

Are You Visible?

Some of you may think that personal branding is required for an influencer or an entrepreneur or a celebrity. I don’t need it. I am not one of them.

For you, Chinha Raheja‘s session is much needed. She speaks about how personal branding not only makes you visible in society but also influences your surroundings and makes you visible in your family and office.


Personal branding is for every one of you. It empowers you and allows you to be seen, to be heard and to be known among others.

The speed of your success is determined, by the growth of your personal brand. The personal brand is a beautiful confluence of how you see yourself and how others see you.

People often don’t see you as you are and that is called the perception gap. This can be filled by you taking control of your personal brand.

Research on visibility and expertise shows four kinds of people. They are Low Expertise Low Visibility, Low Expertise High Visibly, Low Visibility High Expertise and High Visibility High Expertise.

The people who are most affected in this category are, the people with Low Visibility and High Expertise. If you are coming under this category, then personal branding yourself will help you.

And the people who are having Low Expertise and High Visibly, please work on improving your skills. Because your visibility only can take you to certain heights. And I know you can shine even more if you can increase your skill level.

If you reach the High Visibility High Expertise category, it helps you to build credibility, gain trust, minimise your self-doubt and raise your confidence. It develops you consistently and regards you as the go-to expert. In that scenario, better opportunities start coming to you.

Improve the ABCD to grow your personal brand. i.e., your Appearance, Behaviour, Communication and Digital footprint.

The Path To Greatness

The man of the day Robin Sharma started his session with a quote, “Education is inoculation against disruption. As you know more you will achieve more. Masters are phenomenal students.”

To experience a resurrection of your new part, the old part of you should experience a crucifixion. Go within yourself, read great books, rewrite your life and distribute great values.

Rough seas make great sailors. Develop a 2x, 3x mindset and don’t wait for heroes. Why wait for great heroes when you have greatness within you?


Addiction to your distraction is the death of creativity. Never let your creativity die.

Leadership and success are so much about what you do when people are not watching you. Be ethical, disciplined and organised, even when no one is watching you. The ideal future time will never come, so act now.

To lead is to serve. The one who serves the best will profit the most. It is not only monetarily or in terms of reputation but also, happiness and fulfilment. Live a life where you make the world cry when you die.

Methodology without philosophy is a hollow victory. Failing at the definition of the world is ok, but win in the definition of your own.

Avoid the CEB virus. Only the victims Complain, give Excuses and Blame.

Refuse to give your power to an external force. You are born a great genius, you have great wisdom within you, just needed to chip away the layers of doubt, fear, disbelief and limiting beliefs to become the natural genius that you are.

Ways For Achieving Your Greatness

Install new habits and keep a powerful morning routine to achieve your greatness.

healthy habit

Wake up at 5 am. Do morning exercise. Start the process of getting fit like a professional athlete.
Keep a journal. Write what you are going to achieve today in the morning and what are your accomplishments in the night and write what are you grateful for.
You can be weird or normal, but being weird is a lot better. It’s your weirdness that makes you a lot better and unique. Break your instinct to be part of a tribe and instead be unique.
If you follow the status quo, you will not produce value. Every visionary was initially laughed at but was willing to do what 95% are not willing to do. Seek out to be abnormal.
Be productive and do not confuse busyness with productivity. Learn to say no to most opportunities. So you can say yes to the few opportunities, that are more productive and add value to you.
Overall, Success Gyan’s Super Growth Summit was so awesome and gave me a lot of knowledge and a mentor to me. With so many bulb-on moments, now my future looks bright to me.
For you, I gave the information that I received. But the next step is up to you only. Don’t stop at what you learned today. Take necessary action and implement these in your life.
Be a Deliberate Life Long Learner and never miss the opportunity to learn new things in your life.