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Are you eager to share your knowledge with the world? But, not ready to start due to the work involved while creating an online course. If choosing a perfect platform, designing a good-looking page and template or setting up videos are a hassle for you, then you can opt to Email courses and begin your mentoring journey. Starting an email course and reaching out to people is so easy that you can finish setting it up and get customers within a week if done right. So, how to do it right? Let us see that in this article. Here you will get to know, what is an email course, and how to create it and get paying customers.

What Is An Email Course?

An email course is a sequence of emails sent to your subscribers within a time interval, in which you will teach a specific topic of interest in each mail. When you put those emails together, it becomes your email course.

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It is a simpler version of your online course, which demands less work and still gives an effective learning experience to your readers. Email courses are often used as a freebie to grow your email list or as an entry point to a sales pitch. Although, It is most commonly, used as a free product which helps to increase the audience or build trust by giving value. You can also use it as a purchasable product and monetize your knowledge.

How To Create Email Courses That Converts?

Exploring a new path can be difficult, you don’t know where it leads you or what hardships you may face. But having a map and following a pathway to the destination is easy. You already know what to expect. So you can be ready to face those hardships.

What I am telling you is, there are more successfully executed email courses on the internet. If you can follow the steps they have implemented for their course, you can not just create an email course but successfully convert them into sales with less effort.

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I have researched some of the successful email courses and listed a few elements that, they use in creating their course.

To create a successful email course, you must follow all or most of these elements in it:

  • Tell what to expect from the course during the registration, like program level and time needed to finish the course successfully. So, prepare a perfect landing page with the right content.
  • Send a welcome mail with more details regarding the course, which sets an expectation. Have your subscriber respond to the mail, making sure the mail from you doesn’t go to the spam folder in the future.
  • Have a framework ready for your email course stating the number of emails, mailing frequency and a proper structure for your copy. Make sure you don’t spam your subscribers with more frequent emails, always provide value.
  • Use a unique mail subject, which will be accurate in all your daily emails during that course. So your readers will easily filter your mail from the clutter.
  • Use a proper structure in the copy with clear headings. Start with the recap of the previous lesson, move forward with today’s lesson and finish it with a note about tomorrow’s lesson.
  • Provide video lessons. You don’t need a separate platform for it, you simply can give a link to your YouTube video. Video lessons where you show them how to do it. Create more engagement with the audience than a simply written lesson.
  • Give interactive assignments based on daily lessons.
  • Collaborate with industry experts to build trust and credibility.
  • Provide a CTA button leading to the landing page for a paid course or an advanced course on the last day of the mail.

What To Write In An Email Course?

Getting email subscribers is not the crucial part of creating an email course. But, engaging them in your content is the crucial part. Even though an email course is similar to an online course, both are not the same. There are more differences between them than you know.

For an email course, it is important to plan the content of the course before creating it and there are some factors you need to consider while creating the content.

  • No one reads mail for 10 or 15 minutes, so keep the lessons short but valuable. So, break down the topic into lessons for each mail.
  • Evaluate if the lesson has the key points.
  • How does the course benefit the reader and the business?
  • What action must your audience take after the lesson, make sure they get the result.
  • There are no rules to having a lesser or greater number of emails for an email course, so optimize the content and give one lesson in a mail and schedule the next lesson for the sequential mail. Do not overwhelm the readers.

The point is, you just need to get your point crisp and clear to your audience, don’t make it too long or don’t send 2 or 3 emails for the same sub-topic.

How Email Courses Help Your Business?


An email course has its benefits over a course built on any other online teaching platform.

An email course makes your readers feel personal and valued.

It shows off your knowledge and expertise, you can even give a detailed intro about yourself with a welcome email.

You can easily collect more email subscribers to read your content or promote your business.

It involves less time and money to create a course.

Sometimes people get overwhelmed when they get a whole course and never take action on that course. For such people, email courses are better, as the lessons are sent in order with time intervals.

The content can be completed gradually over time, before the upcoming mail schedule, in case you are a slow writer.

An email course is beginner friendly, as it requires less work. You need knowledge of that topic.

Creating Email Courses

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Follow these simple steps and start creating your email course today.

  1. Plan the lessons and create the contents of the mail.
  2. Choose a template & schedule the emails in an email automation tool.
  3. Create a landing page to get the email subscribers for the course.
  4. Link the landing page to a payment gateway in case of a paid email course.
  5. Start sending emails to the subscribers and get their attention, then convert them for your next paid or advanced course.

If you were that person who was afraid of the work involved in creating an online course. Stop being scared and start your journey with email courses. The starting point is the hardest. Begin mentoring with an email course today. You will eventually go where you want to reach in the e-learning industry.

Also, with a good content marketing strategy, you can reach more audiences and add them to your email list. Follow my blog for more digital marketing tips and tricks.